CLT's Mission

To facilitate the continuous professional development (CPD) of faculty and, encourage excellence in teaching in order to bring about quality student learning.


FCCU is focused on ensuring that faculty provides ‘active learning’ experiences to students so as to encourage empowered, informed and responsible learners. This places immense demands on our faculty to deliver high quality teaching inside and outside the classroom. Our faculty is expected to be:

  • Up-to-date in their subject area and competent in a wide spectrum of pedagogical skills
  • Skillful in communication
  • Research-oriented
  • Well versant in integrating technology with teaching
  • Mindful of modeling and promoting the core values espoused at FCCU

Our purpose at CLT, hence, is to ensure that faculty is supported in all possible ways to deliver quality teaching. As the placement of word ’learning’ before ‘teaching’ in our name clearly indicates, we place quality student learning outcomes as our prime objective. Our faculty is encouraged to deliver every course so as to propel students to be:

  • Strong in their academic knowledge and communication skills
  • Critical thinkers with special emphasis on high order thinking skills
  • Effective team players
  • Self-directed lifelong learners beyond the classroom
  • Empathetic to others and the environment
  • Ethically sound


CLT objectives are to support our faculty in, so that they are enabled to ensure that the students achieve the desired learning outcomes. CLT aims to provide various activities to fit the varied needs of faculty:

  • Workshops with emphasis on interactive or hands-on sessions
  • Consultations inside and outside the classroom including Classroom Observations
  • Learning group forums, thematic or otherwise
  • Series on Researches already done or in process, for peer sharing and feedback
  • Resources as required