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Open-source Courseware Websites

  1. MIT and Harvard
  2. (An open university initiative by a Stanford professor)
  4. MIT open course ware: .
  6. Open course ware
  7. Open CourseWare by University of California, Irvine
  9. Yale university
  10. Free online courses:
  11. coursera:
  12. Khan Academy:
  13. For learning outcomes:
  14. Sites for Career development
  17.  University of Warwick:
  19. Khan Academy ( offers all sorts of courses in all subjects with on-line tutorials and other toolkits and support systems for both teachers and learners.
  20. The University of the People (, is a tuition free on-line university intended to democratize Higher education.
  21. The Library of Alexandria in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, offers the Science Supercourse (, a collection of over 170,000 PowerPoint lectures that can be used as is, or from which individual slides can be taken to compose your own lecture, and there are many other examples, with more being created every day.
  22. Another initiative, by The Jack Parker Corp. and Big Think, called “The Floating University”, aims to offer online Ivy League courses a la carte for a relatively cheap cost.
  23. List of Certified Courses:
  24. Link to Demo

Note: The courses on the above sites are FREE, you can register for any of the courses for your professional development or pick courses for your students to support your teaching.