Following are the different funding opportunities which are from USG (not just USAID). The aim is to explain how USG grant funding work as well as highlight its role in providing financial assistance and professional development of individual staff and faculty members.

Annual Scholarships
IDRC Funding

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) supports leading thinkers who advance knowledge and solve practical development problems. It provides the resources, advice, and training they need to implement and share their solutions with those who need them most. In short, IDRC increases opportunities — and makes a real difference in people’s lives.

IDRC offers grants, funding, and awards to researchers and institutions to find solutions for global development challenges. Through calls for research proposals, IDRC funds projects that aim to bring employment, food security, health, peace, and prosperity to developing regions of the world.

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Youth Workforce Development Partnership Opportunities

  • American Schools and Hospitals Abroad
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Find Grants for Different Disciplines
  • Academia
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Tips to Get Research Funding Grants