The basic aim of the LGs, as a CLT activity, is to bring faculty together to discuss and share their understanding of, and to improve their classroom practice. The faculty gets together as a LG for a collective self-directed effort towards their professional development. They establish their needs and chart the direction, pace and strategies for their professional growth over a longer period of time. The groups meet, usually, once a month to discuss and share their experiences on their selected aspects of class room learning, like student evaluation forms, academic integrity etc.

We started with 4 LGs in 2010 and have increased in number since then. It remains a very exciting and effective way of academic discourse in an informal setting.

Each group has faculty spread over different disciplines and certain groups have been disbanded after they completed purpose of their respective Learning Group such as Eng 101, 103 and Univ 100 that developed course material for Eng 101, 103 and Univ 100 respectively.

Faculty is encouraged to suggest a LG on a theme/topic of their choice. If you are a member of the faculty and want to join an existing Learning Group or suggest a new Learning Group then please email at