Please click here to view the FCCU Plagiarism Policy.

Faculty Travel Grant Process:

Beginning this year, the FCCU Faculty Travel Grant process will include a check on whether a conference is predatory in nature. FCCU will not fund travel to such conferences.

Deans and Department Chairpersons will undertake reviews of conferences that faculty are submitting papers to, and provide them with guidance.

Faculty seeking Deans and Department Chairpersons’ will not endorse any such applications where they have determined that the proposed conference is not credible.

The VRO will assume that requests endorsed by Chairpersons and Deans have been properly vetted as credible. They will then undertake their own review of the request.

A resource page can be found on the Ewing Library’s website to help guide faculty in understanding how to determine whether a conference or journal is “predatory”. Please click here to access this page.