A group of faculty across all disciplines, selected on basis of specified skill-sets, worked together for 2 semesters to finalize the observation tool, a common understanding of the tool criteria, basic guidelines, and quality assurance procedures for classroom observation. To ensure a common understanding of class room observation all the observers were observed by an outside expert. The model was refined and finalized after pilot testing by all observers.

Dear colleagues, CLT has launched an additional program to support your professional growth. Observation for Professional Development (OfPD) offers you an opportunity to observe a peer while teaching or to have your classroom teaching observed by a peer trained as an observer.

You will volunteer to:

  • Observe a classroom teaching


  • be observed

Choice of expert/s is yours (see list)

  • Schedule your date and time with observer for:
  1. A pre-observation meeting
  2. Classroom observation itself
  3. Post-observation discussion
  • Follow-up observation if so mutually decided

Research shows that classroom observation is a potent strategy in improving instructional behavior in class-room. Feedback from observation has been found to be an effective way to help teachers understand their own strengths, weaknesses, and consequently enable them to significantly improve their instruction (Stallings; Good and Brophy 1947).

We are sure that:

  • It will facilitate self-reflection, thus motivating you to improve your teaching practice
  • The self-awareness created by feedback from observation will increase your control of your actions in the classroom
  • Confidential
  • An objective recording of
  1. What you are saying and doing
  2. What your students are saying and doing
  3. Your interaction with students
  • Tailored to focus on your requirements
  • Used for formative not summative purposes
  • Judgmental
  • To draw any inferences about your teaching ability or knowledge of your subject
  • An endorsement for your contract renewal or pro-motion

If so please register with aunhaider@fccollege.edu.pk for Observation of Professional Development (OfPD).

Either observe a peer in action or be observed in your classroom.